«Thanks for the signs I have received them and as usual they are just what I wanted.»

Glen Chaotaw...

Red Mirror Plate
«Recieved the plate and it is awesome. Thank you very much»

R. Feller Jonesbo...

Special Plate
«Thank You!! I just received the license plate and holder today and am so very pleased. Can't wai ...»


Received letters
«Just writing to let you know that I received the letters yesterday. They look great! I won't hav ...»


My plate
«I want to let you know my BSG gold logo license plate is beautiful and matches my car perfectly. ...»

Anne Pottsvi...



Novelty license plates with funny, humorous, or whimsical sayings.

"Forget About Dog, Beware Of Owner" Gun Novelty License Plate - T3141S
"Notice!! Forget About The Dog, Beware Of Owner" with gun . Aluminum novelty license pl..
"Spoiled" Graffiti Text On Purple Novelty License Plate - T3124K
"Spoiled" sprayed in graffiti type text on a purple background. Aluminum novelty license plate. Fits..